$200.00 USD

Did you want to join the next Monthly Transformational Breathwork Journey?

90 Minute Intuitive Healing Session

Are you ready to experience complete relaxation and lightening of the mind, body and soul?

What you'll get:

  • 40 Min Akashic Reading
  • 40 Min Distance Reiki Healing
  • Reflective Coaching

During this session we will combine the healing of Reiki and the Akashic Records. We will first start by entering your Akashic Records where we will explore past lives and receive guidance from your higher self and Spirit Guides. We will also have some deep healing in the Akash where we will collapse timelines that are no longer serving us, release vows & contracts that are keeping us in Karmic loops, and usher in room for light to flood in and raise your vibration.

Next we will balancing your energies using Reiki, a gentle, intelligent Universal Energy. Reiki allows us to further remove any energetic chords or attachments to lower vibrational frequencies, heal past traumas 7 generations back and forward, and balance our Divine Masculine (DOing) with our Divine Feminine (BEing) energies.

I will also bring in any light code activations that your guides initiate during our time together. This healing will leave you feeling more aligned, more intune with your purpose and more clear on next steps you need to take in your life.