$399.00 USD

Activate Your Highest Expression

Imagine no longer questioning everything you are doing in life. Imagine a day where you fully accept yourself, judgement free, no self-shaming, no self sabotage and no questioning your life's purpose. The work is deep but the results will lead you into a life like you never imagined possible!

What you'll get:

  • 90 Min Private Transformational Breathwork Journey
  • 75 Min Quantum Akashic Healing
  • 60 Min Energy Balancing with Reiki

PLEASE READ: Breathwork may not be for you if you have the following conditions:

Cardiovascular, high or abnormal blood pressure, history of aneurysm, epilepsy or seizures. Anyone on heavy medications, severe psychiatric symptoms (psychosis, paranoia, bipolar, severe depression), Osteoporosis, recent surgery, glaucoma, pregnancy 12weeks or late, an active addiction, severe respiratory conditions (though a more mild form of breathwork is suitable). This list is not all inclusive and I generally recommend if you have a question please consult your doctor before beginning a breathwork practice. By checking the box you acknowledge that you have read the above warning and agree to move forward at your own risk. 

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