Do You Want A Simple, Foolproof Method For Unlocking Your Power Within?

You are someone that has a unique gift to offer to this world.

Yes you might already have your life figured out on the surface…
But I also sense that you might be feeling stuck, as if you are sleepwalking through life. 
You might be unsure on what is holding you back.
Yet, you still crave for something deeper.
I am glad you are reading this because it is clear to me you are here for a purpose.
Most who work with me say that something in the way my eyes pierce right into their soul just by looking at my photos is what ultimately led them to work with me.
This might be true for you, but I would also add that your Higher Self, also led you here. 
Yes, you could leave this page full of text, and go back to the never ending doom of scrolling. 
 But you will feel annoyed that you’re wasting your time.
Yes, you could watch a guided Wim Hof session on YouTube.
 But you won’t have the personalized coach to help you through.
Yes, you can carry on your routine of life, waiting for the right moment or download. 
 But what if the right moment is now? 
Let’s conquer the moment right now together…
Go ahead and take a breath in and as you exhale let out a big sigh. 
Do this again, but exhale louder. 
Now bounce around and shake your body and whichever way it feels natural. Do this for 10 seconds and reflect on how do you feel.
Do you feel better? Lighter? 
More present? 
More aware? 
More fucking alive?!
That is only a taste of what a Breathwork session can give you.
Before I explain what the hell a Transformation Breathwork session even is, here's a sliver of my story. 
Not everyone knows this, but in the Human Design System, I am a Reflector.
I am a complete empath and HSP (highly sensitive person.)
I sample the energy of everything around me (people, animals, inanimate objects, etc.)
Because of this, I am able to access not only surface level energy, but also deep energy beyond, almost reading your mind.
I can sense when something is good and when something is bad.
This goes for sensing alignment as well.
Before being aware of my sampling nature, I took on so much energy around me that I thought it was all my own.

When life happens to us, we tend to react or repress.

Reacting to an event, trauma, unwanted energy, can be erratic.
           (React to your Higher Self and book now)
Repressing how we feel builds up inside like a dormant volcano, ready to erupt at any time.
Over the course of a few decades of taking on unwanted energy, BAM!
Crippling anxiety meet Tiffany, Tiffany meet crippling anxiety.
Ha! Good luck trying to feel normal!
Once this crippling anxiety took over my life, I felt lost.
I felt completely overwhelmed and unsure of how I even got to this place.
What I also knew, was that I needed to change something.
Not too sure what was going on beneath the surface, I began sampling all sorts of healing modalities.
The one the stuck out the most and left me the most grounded and empowered, was breathwork.
Breathwork is now my primary tool for self-healing. 
Whether I connect to my breath for three minutes or ninety minutes, the impact is always long lasting. 
My coach helped me power through my resistance (which is exactly what I provide for you.)
Your body and mind will tell you it’s hard.
I coughed, my muscles cramped up and my mind played all the fuck you games.
All in the first twenty minutes.
But I knew I was safe.
I finally began to release my grip and surrendered.
What ever will happen, will happen.
As someone who had traumas and abuse from her past, this was a challenge.
You don’t want to feel that pain again.
You don’t want to face those traumas again.
Feeling the pain and facing the traumas is like reliving them all over again.
But this is where the magic starts to happen.
You can either float through life and not face your pain
Or you can decide to face it.
Allow yourself the ability to release.
Surrender to your subconscious.
Actually have to work through the work phase. 
What is amazing to me is how simple this practice is.
It is so simple yet SOOOO healing.
You like simple yet rewarding don’t you?
Once you experience this you can finally stand firm in your energy.
Feeling grounded, empowered, relieved, strong, unstoppable.
Creating awareness around my breath has given me life.
It created a rock solid foundation for my self-discovery.
It has also helped me with:
  • alignment
  • overcoming limiting beliefs
  • traumas
  • crippling anxiety
Transformational Breathwork uses your breath to heal the depths of your subconscious. 
It is a powerful & dynamic process of utilizing your breath to facilitate personal and spiritual transformation. 
You will be guided on a journey to consciously let go of the past and call in the future. 
This dynamic modality can be used for somatic healing and trauma release from the subconscious. 
Being intentionally connected to the breath and coming into the body, 
you can expect to have insights and a-ha moments come in that can fuel/inspire immense changes in your life.
Here is what you can expect during a nurturing session with me:
First off, this session is remote (unless you live in the Philadelphia area.)
We will meet by Zoom (or in my healing center in-person.)
Before the breath work, I will ask you some questions.
Then, I will guide you to begin the breathwork part of the session.
The first 25 minutes of the breath work will be very simple.
Think of this as your warmup and stretching before your actual practice.
BUT it is not easy. It is in fact will feel like challenge.
Which is why I love facilitating these sessions…
Having a nurturing facilitator by your side every step of the way is pure gold.
Having the coach was exactly what I needed to be able to push through.
To climb that mountain. 
The flood of reasons on why you can’t press on.
Not being able to pass GO and collect your $200.
Your mind is going to remind you of why not to do it.
Which is your ego trying to control the situation.
The same voice you might face in a challenging yoga or workout, yet more personal and challenging.
After phase one, you will then transition into a deeper zen like state.
One thing is for sure, you can’t mask your problems in a Transformational Breathwork session.
Giving in to your Higher Self, you receive your ultimate reward of determination.
Your determination to carry on and do the deep healing work.
Think about this, we already live in a Quantum Universe.
All timelines of your existence are all possible.
Occurring at the same damn time. 
Different versions of you living in completely different circumstances.
The deep healing that happens in phase two, is so simple, because the healing has already happened.
It is already waiting for you.
This is where the healing comes full circle.
Your lungs will actually start to produce DMT (aka the spirit molecule) during this second phase.

 DMT has a profound effect on human consciousness.
It is not called “The Journey Phase” for nothing.
You will be trippin on all the good energy at this point.
Your mind will have taken a back seat to the control factor.
You now have the power of the omnipresent.

Wild right.

(If you already saw yourself breathing in your new reality, book now!)
Speaking of lungs, 
Did you know that your lungs could cover the square area of a tennis court?
Amazing right? 
It blows my mind how many people struggle because they are unaware of their breath.
This is an unknown superpower that everyone alive has access to.
Good for you for being one of the few to bring awareness to your breath.
Your life will not be the same after a Transformative Breathwork Session.

Here's what you'll get:
  • A personalized 90 minute journey with sound, quantum reiki healing, and subconscious reprogramming that help you peel back many layers of healing in one powerful session.
  • Healing, growth and transformation that cultivate a deep sense of self acceptance 
  • Become capable of creating the life you ultimately desire. 
  • Somatic healing and trauma release from the subconscious mind.
Transformational Breathwork helps heal what is draining your current energy field.

Which could be a number of things, including energy related to:
- Inner child healing
- Womb healing
- Shadow work

Once you reach conscious awareness of your deep healing in phase two, you come out of it with so much wisdom as well as healing.
One piece of wisdom you will realize, is the need to get rid of all the labels you have placed on yourself over the years. 
These all wash away.
You no longer feel energetically tied to them, especially the destructive ones.
You are still aware of them yes, but you are the boss now, more so than ever before.
Remember, the more you use labels you give yourself, the more identify with them.
When you do this you are actually pulling yourself away from your Soul’s desire.
Some deep empowerments you might expect to feel in your second phase:
  • Everything truly is beautiful
  • Visions of yourself in different timelines
  • Journey into the future and being able to handle it
  • Expansion of your awareness and the depth behind it
At the end of your ninety minutes, I will gently guide you out of your Journey and back to the present moment.

For the price for a one night hotel stay, you can change your life, reprogram your subconscious.

Unlocking your power within.

$188 locks in your 90 minute Transformational Breathwork session with me.

If you are looking for something even deeper,  Anchoring Into Your Highest Timeline is my 5 week program:
(Click here to see what Anchor is all about.)
One thing I know to be true (from first hand experience):
You will finally be able to integrate all these sides of you into your Higher Self and Soul’s desire for you.
You will feel more whole and complete than ever before.
You will embody acceptance, radiating confidence at the same time.
You will feel extreme amounts of self-love.
Today is the day you take control.

This is how you heal, empower and reprogram your subconscious mind.
Click the link below to sign up for your session today.
I am honored to hold such sacred space for you and your transformation.
- Tiffany 
P.S. On the other side of suffering, is pure bliss and euphoria.